Minister of Communications: I use normal internet without filter breaker

Last week, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology announced his presence on authorized domestic and foreign networks and told users that they could now communicate with him in this way as well. Today (December 17th), Issa Zarepour, in his first press conference with reporters, referred to the issue of social media presence and the Ministry of Communications’s approach to filtering: “But my red line of presence on foreign platforms is filtered.”

He even stated that unlike the former minister who used the unfiltered internet, he uses the ordinary internet and when he became the minister, he did not even use the telegram anymore.

Zarepour in response to why many heads of state are present in the filtered networks and even the deputies of the Ministry of Communications are in these services; “It is a personal decision, not an organizational one, that our managers are present on Twitter and other filtered networks,” he said. Whether they are or not is at their own discretion and we have not created any restrictions for them; “But the serious issue is that government documents are now being transferred to foreign media, and this should be regulated, but it is entirely optional for managers to be present on social networks.”

Negotiations of the Ministry of Communications with foreign platforms

“The issue of cyberspace governance and the lack of discipline of social platforms is a global problem,” Zarepour said in response to a reporter’s question about the 13th government’s plans to negotiate with foreign platforms and their regular presence in the country to achieve cyber-rule. “That is why a working group has been set up at the United Nations, with the participation of various countries, preparing a draft to regulate the social platforms in the world.” According to him, one of the active members of this working group is Iran, which is following up on this issue.

“All countries have decided to pursue this issue in a special way,” he said. “We will pursue this issue with vigor, and one of our main plans will be to make this happen.” Zareporta emphasized that in this regard, we need to make the country’s diplomatic apparatus more active.

Fix filters from Twitter and YouTube ?!

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“This is a collective decision and the Ministry of Communications has only one vote, and whenever they ask us, we express our opinion in the form of this vote,” Zarepour said of the Ministry of Communications’s position on filtering platforms such as Twitter and YouTube. He noted:

Any platform that accepts our rules is allowed to operate in the country, and the essence of our view of the user rights protection plan is that foreign platforms must accept our requirements; As the issue of cyber sovereignty is a concern for all countries, it is a serious concern that governments have even raised recently at the IGF in Poland, because platforms can disarm governments in the absence of rules and regulations and cannot deprive people of their rights. He resigned through them.

He denied the allegations, saying “transparency is a priority and should be adhered to”, stressing that some had quoted him as advocating filtering and safeguards.

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