Microsoft’s smart investment; OpenAI is now an 86 billion dollar company

Microsoft’s smart investment;  OpenAI is now an 86 billion dollar company

news agency Bloomberg In an exclusive report, OpenAI, the creator of the chatbot ChatGPT, has started new negotiations to sell shares currently owned by the company’s employees, including a market value of $86 billion, to potential investors.

Last month, the Wall Street Journal claimed that OpenAI is on track to reach a market value of $90 billion. The company counts Microsoft as its biggest sponsor. Microsoft announced a “multi-billion dollar investment” in OpenAI in early 2023.

ChatGPT, which has the ability to interpret images and voice conversation after receiving a new update, has had a significant impact on the popularity of artificial intelligence.

With the rise in popularity of artificial intelligence, not only OpenAI’s role in the technology industry has become more prominent, but also other companies such as Nvidia have experienced significant growth. Nvidia graphics card plays an important role in artificial intelligence processes. Graphics cards from other companies are also used in some servers related to artificial intelligence.

OpenAI achieved a market value of 30 billion dollars a few months ago and sold 300 million dollars of its shares to various companies. Even with the relative waning of AI popularity, OpenAI continues to grow.

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