Microsoft’s revenue from Surface sales dropped by 30%

In the report of the third quarter of fiscal year 2023, Microsoft said that it has managed to increase its revenue by seven percent and reach 52.9 billion dollars. A significant part of this increase in revenue was recorded by the cloud unit, servers, LinkedIn and business products. The $52.9 billion revenue surprised Wall Street analysts and Microsoft shares rose 9% in response.

Microsoft has a business unit called More Personal Computing, which includes Windows, Surface, Xbox and It will be Bing. This business unit is not in a very interesting situation and its income has decreased by 9% compared to the third quarter of fiscal year 2022.

Windows license sales revenue decreased by 28%. This drop in income directly stems from the decrease in sales of personal computers. According to the news agency Windows CentralThe income of the Surface unit has decreased by 30%. The income of this unit dropped by 39% in the last season.

The revenue of the search unit (Bing) and news advertising (MSN) grew by 10%. On the other hand, the income of Xbox and the gaming unit decreased by four percent.

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