Microsoft’s “Bing” Bang; Everything you need to know about the new ChatGPT-based Bing

Although the new Bing uses the same technology used in ChatGPT, which is actually the same version of the GPT language model, it has major differences with this chatbot; Differences that make the new Bing a more reliable and convenient tool for searching the web.

The first and most important difference between the artificial intelligence used in the new Bing and ChatGPT is its access to completely up-to-date news and data, which is possible through its 24-hour connection to the Internet. ChatGPT uses a model whose data only covers up to 2021; As a result, if you ask it a question that is related to the year after 2021, it will not be able to give you an answer. But if you ask the new Bing to provide a summary of the Microsoft event that was held just a few minutes ago, it will easily cope; Because it has access to the content of the websites that covered the event immediately.

The second difference is in the version of the language model used in the new Bing and ChatGPT. While ChatGPT is based on the large language model GPT-3.5, the model used in the new Bing is larger, more complex and equipped with many more parameters. The parameter actually refers to the amount that the model can change independently and by receiving more training, and in general, the number of parameters for language models is similar to the number of transistors for a chip; It means that the higher it is, the higher the power and speed of the model in generating the answer. The model used in ChatGPT has 175 billion parameters. If the rumors are true and the new Bing actually uses GPT-4, it could have up to 100 trillion parameters; However, says OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Rumor number of GPT-4 parameters It is “absolute nonsense”.

In the new Bing, you can mark answers that are not related to your question with the “Dislike” button, so that information about your question and answer will be sent to Microsoft for review. According to Microsoft, responses marked with Dislike will be sent to the inbox of the company’s engineers to correct their mistakes and improve the artificial intelligence model.

Microsoft also offers chat answers alongside traditional Bing search results; So when you ask your question in the new Bing, you can see a link to related websites in addition to the chatbot’s direct answer, which is a good way to gradually introduce people to artificial intelligence-based search.

But perhaps the biggest difference between Bing and ChatGPT is Microsoft’s decision to inject chatbot capabilities into the Edge browser, and this is likely where Microsoft’s future collaboration with OpenAI will get interesting. The new Edge, which will be available to all users in a few days, will be equipped with a sidebar that can scan entire web pages and then allow you to extract the information you want from it. For example, suppose the latest 4K TVs are listed on the website; You can ask Bing to compare the best models, find the cheapest, and then put all this information in a table and email it to the person you want.

Microsoft also says the new Bing coding ability is better than ChatGPT; A claim whose correctness must be proven by the programmers. Either way, it looks like developers will play a big role in unlocking the true potential of Microsoft’s new Bing and Prometheus model.

What are the limitations of the new Bing?

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