Microsoft’s Bing app made it to the App Store’s top apps list after merging with ChatGPT

Just one day after the release of the new version of Microsoft’s Edge browser and Bing search engine, which offer the possibility to experience ChatGPT artificial intelligence, the amount of downloads and installations of these two applications has increased dramatically and now they have been added to the top apps in the App Store.

to report 9to5MacThe unveiling of artificial intelligence-based capabilities in Edge and Bing search, thanks to Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI, has drawn the attention of many users to these programs.

Data.AI analysis shows that the number of downloads of the Bing app around the world has increased 10 times in just one night, and for this reason, the mentioned application has now taken the tenth place among the most popular free applications in the App Store, and on the other hand, in the productivity programs section, it has taken the second place after Gmail. Holds. Meanwhile, the iOS version of the Edge browser is the third most popular app in the Apple App Store in the utilities section.

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