Microsoft’s AI promotes fake news

Microsoft’s AI promotes fake news

CNN report It presents the news in Microsoft’s artificial intelligence model and points to a number of questionable articles. For example, this chatbot claimed Joe BidenThe President of the United States took a nap during the silence in honor of the victims of the fire. Microsoft’s AI also describes one NBA player as “useless.”

If Microsoft’s news department was managed by humans, the problem of spreading fake news would probably be detected, but Microsoft’s system, which has replaced humans with algorithms for a few years, did not detect fake content. In fact, the news section of this company is more like a human experiment and not a useful tool.

The fact that MSN news has been chosen by artificial intelligence sometimes makes us encounter strange things. For example, Microsoft’s algorithm-driven travel guide suggested Ottawa tourists eat at local charities.

Of course, it is not only Microsoft that uses artificial intelligence in many of its products, including the news unit; The BBC is also experimenting with artificial intelligence, and other prominent sites such as MacWorld are using chatbots to search their article archives.

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