Microsoft will use algae to reduce carbon footprint

In recent years, technology has grown at a breakneck speed, and giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are among the leaders in this field. The increasing speed of technology growth has also had an impact on the environment; Because the carbon footprint of these companies is still increasing. The energy needed for the huge data centers of the world’s technology giants, as well as the energy needed by consumers and employees of these companies, has a huge contribution to carbon emissions.

Despite all efforts to use renewable energy, the speed and scale of these measures do not match the speed of technological development, and as a result, their effect on reducing carbon emissions is not satisfactory. For this reason, achieving sustainability and further reducing the carbon footprint is very important for large technology companies.

Microsoft, one of the giants of the technology industry, is faced with the problem of carbon emissions. This company plans to reduce the amount of carbon emissions from its activities to zero by 2030; But now this number is increasing.

written by GizmochinaThe Redmond-based technology giant seeks to use Running Tide solutions to achieve this goal; An organization that specializes in reducing environmental impacts and has a history of cooperation with big brands such as Shopify and Stripe. The company plans to help reduce the carbon footprint of Microsoft’s activities by using resources in the oceans.

The idea is to use floating algae to absorb carbon dioxide before sinking. Although the process is relatively new, Running Tide says it has eliminated about a thousand tons of carbon over the course of its research. The company’s goal for Microsoft is to remove 12,000 tons of carbon within two years.

While the mentioned solution is still in the initial stages, it is considered an innovative approach. Therefore, Microsoft has the ability to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its activities.

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