Microsoft: We will hire OpenAI employees at the same current salary

Kevin ScottChief Technology Officer of Microsoft, to OpenAI employees who were suddenly fired Sam Altman From the position of the CEO, they have threatened to resign and offered to hire them with their current salaries.

squat In a post on X He wrote: “To my colleagues at OpenAI, we have seen your request and are considering your interest in joining Altman in Microsoft’s new AI research lab. Know that if needed, you will have a role at Microsoft that is consistent with your former position and advances Microsoft’s goals.”

yesterday, Satya NadellaCEO of Microsoft, said that Altman, Greg Brockman and their colleagues are joining Microsoft as part of a new artificial intelligence research group.

More than 740 OpenAI employees wrote a letter to the company’s board, threatening to join their former boss at Microsoft if the members did not resign.

In an interview with CNBC, Nadella said: “We have chosen to definitely work with OpenAI and we want to continue this work. Naturally, this depends on whether OpenAI employees stay or come to Microsoft. “I welcome both options, but what I will not tolerate is stopping innovation.”

OpenAI’s board of directors fired Altman last Friday over previous disagreements and lack of honesty with members. After lengthy negotiations that looked like Altman might be rehired at the company, he finally did Emmett Scheerthe former CEO of Twitch, has been appointed as interim CEO.

Now, the latest reports say that talks between Sam Altman and OpenAI’s board of directors have resumed, and Altman may return to his previous job position.

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