Microsoft uses Edge browser search history for advertising

Microsoft uses Edge browser search history for advertising

Microsoft once again puts pressure on its customers. The American tech giant wants to use your Edge browser history for services like advertising.

One of the users By postal publication On social network X, on the Edge Canary settings page on your Android phone, you’ll notice a new tab that says “Let Microsoft save your browsing activity.” This message is displayed in the privacy and security section of the browser.

“Includes search history, favorites, web content, and other browser data to personalize Microsoft Edge and Microsoft services, such as ads, search, shopping, and news displays,” the new message explains.

Many users call this feature “trap”, “spy” or even “advertisement”, although it is still possible to have some control over it. This is not the first time that Microsoft does such a trick. The company once displayed BingChat to users when they tried to access Google Bard in the Edge browser.

The ability to share your browser activity with Microsoft for personalized ads has been available in the desktop version for some time. While this feature is enabled by default, it can be easily disabled by going to Settings > Privacy and security > Personalization & advertising.

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