Microsoft to shut down Windows Phone Xbox service over the next three months

Microsoft has announced through the Xbox Android and iOS app notifications section that it will shut down its Xbox Live service on May 16, 2022 (May 26, 1401) on Windows Phone. The move comes more than a year after Redmond’s official support for Windows Phone expired. It is worth noting that Microsoft ceased to support Windows Phone in January 2020.

According to Windows Central, from May 16, 2022, Xbox Live games will no longer have your information and data registered in the Xbox profile. This means that things like achievements or data stored in the cloud will no longer work. Many games will still be playable after this date, but none of them will likely be available online.

The Microsoft announcement in the Xbox app is as follows:

As of May 16, 2022, Xbox features will no longer be supported on Windows Phone devices. As part of this change, achievement information on Windows Phone devices will be disabled. Some games may still run on your phone, but game progress data will not be recorded in your Xbox profile.

The cessation of Xbox services on Windows Phone is sad news for a small group of players who have struggled over the years to accumulate more in-game gains. Gamers who have played in this service have only a few months to complete the achievements of Windows Phone.

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Windows Phone retired in January 2020 with the release of the latest Microsoft security update for the operating system. After years of trying to develop Windows Phone on smartphones, Microsoft stopped the project and has now fully invested in building and developing apps and services on Android and iOS devices.

You can now play full Xbox titles on your smartphone via the Xbox Game Pass app; Several games have also been made with Xbox integration for Android and iOS.

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