Microsoft spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the ChatGPT supercomputer

According to BloombergMicrosoft has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a new supercomputer to help provide processing power Create ChatGPT. The American giant of the technology industry explained in a statement that the powerful infrastructure Azure artificial intelligence that company OpenAI (creator of JPT Chat) uses it, how it produced. Microsoft also says that its systems will become more powerful over time.

Microsoft to build the supercomputer needed by OpenAI, thousands It connected Nvidia GPUs and integrated them into the Azure cloud platform infrastructure. This powerful system allowed OpenAI to train advanced artificial intelligence models. Microsoft says it was this supercomputer that created tools like ChatGPT and The new Bing allowed them to have significant capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence.

The vice president of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence and cloud services team says that the company has spent several hundred million dollars on the project in question. This clearly shows that Microsoft has a special belief in artificial intelligence. Of course, the cost of several hundred million dollars is only a small part of Microsoft’s annual income. Some time ago, this company announced the signing of a multi-billion dollar contract with OpenAI.

Microsoft has prepared new virtual machines that Equipped with Nvidia H100 and Nvidia A100 GPUs, they further strengthen Azure’s AI infrastructure. Microsoft is also working on the Quantum-2 InfiniBand project. Microsoft says that thanks to the new changes, OpenAI and other companies that rely on Azure will be able to train larger and more complex AI models.

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