Microsoft releases preview version of OneDrive with native support for Apple Silicon chips

Last year, at Apple One More Thing, Apple officially announced the migration to proprietary processors based on the logo architecture, and the first Mac computers based on the Oman processor with good power and performance entered the market. New Mac computers with a beating heart can run programs based on the Intel x86 instructions in a simulated way.

So far, a lot of software has been optimized for Apple chips, and now Microsoft has introduced a native update for Mac computers running Apple Silicon chips with a new update to its cloud software called OneDrive.

Introducing the proprietary Mac processor, Apple noted that the Rosetta 2 emulator will be available to help run x86 applications to allow users to take advantage of older applications on new Macs; But this is expected to be a temporary solution until users have less trouble getting the developer software optimized and ready for release; Therefore, software companies need to optimize their applications faster with new chips.

Official support for Apple Silicon chips allows OneDrive to run faster on the latest Apple devices; Because the user will no longer need to go through the Apple Rosetta 2 translator layer. Users must be a member of Office Insider or Windows Insider to receive the new version.

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To get the version, users have to click on the OneDrive icon in the Macaw menu bar and follow Help & Settings -> Preferences. Then they have to click on the About tab and in the “About Microsoft OneDrive” section, select the box to join the OneDrive Insiders preview. Finally, in the Pre-release builds section, select the Get Apple silicon build option.

OneDrive native support for Apple chips has been announced, while Dropbox recently announced that it is working on its native sync client for the M1 Macs, which is expected to be released next year.

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