Microsoft reduces the time it takes to load games on the hard drive

Microsoft has released version 1.2 of the DirectStorage development kit with a surprise. While DirectStorage became available with a focus on next-generation NVMe drives, the new version of this performance software It also improves hard drives.

Parts of DirectStorage software have always been compatible with hard drives, however developers had to take separate approaches to optimize games for NVMe and HDD drives. Microsoft’s API in question primarily on high-speed drives SSD is the focus, and today a significant number of gamers do not use such memory.

Thanks to the release of DirectStorage 1.2, developers can use a single code for both SSD and HDD drives.

The new DirectStorage changes show Microsoft’s commitment to the software, but many games still don’t support DirectStorage. to claim VergeDirectStorage in Forspoken game reduces loading time by 30%.

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