Microsoft produces a dedicated artificial intelligence chip in collaboration with AMD

Apparently, Microsoft has entered into a partnership with AMD to develop chips Red team artificial intelligence help. According to a Bloomberg report, the Redmond-based tech giant will provide engineering resources to support AMD’s developments, and the two companies aim to compete with Nvidia, as the green team currently has about 80 percent of the AI ​​processor market share.

according to VergeAMD will also help Microsoft to produce proprietary artificial intelligence chips. It is said that hundreds of employees of the Windows manufacturer are working on the artificial intelligence processors of this company called Athena. The technology giant from Redmond has so far invested 2 billion dollars in the construction of the said chip. On the other hand, Frank Shaw, the spokesperson of Microsoft, has denied the news of AMD helping this company.

The overwhelming popularity of artificial intelligence services such as ChatGPT has increased the demand for the processors needed by these chatbots. Nvidia’s powerful chips have allowed this company to take a significant part of the mentioned market share and currently there is no suitable alternative for them. Therefore, Microsoft intends to compensate for this gap and by making its own artificial intelligence chip, it will provide the processing power needed for artificial intelligence services, including Azure Cloud.

Nvidia’s CUDA libraries have advanced artificial intelligence over the past decade. Although AMD is the green team’s main competitor in the world of gaming hardware, it is still a good alternative for the CUDA ecosystem and deployment. It does not have large-scale machine learning. Currently, the artificial intelligence industry is expanding and AMD plans to gain a better position in this market by making artificial intelligence chips. Lisa SueCEO of this company says: “We are very excited about the opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence and this technology is our number one priority. “We are in the early stages of the era of artificial intelligence computing, and the rate of adoption and growth of this technology is higher than any other technology in recent years.”

Sue It says AMD is well-positioned to build semi-custom AI chips for some of its biggest customers. “I think AMD has a very complete set of patents in CPUs, GPUs and system-on-chips, and we have a very capable chip team,” he continued. In addition, the opportunities in this field are much wider than game consoles.

AMD is also confident that the Instinct MI300 chip, which will be used in data centers, will be adapted for workloads related to artificial intelligence. Sue He says: “MI300 is actually designed for supercomputer workloads and is very well positioned to provide the processing power required by AI-related services. “With people’s strong interest in generative AI, the MI300 product line has expanded significantly over the past few months, and we’re very excited about that.”

Microsoft plans to continue working closely with Nvidia as it tries to acquire more processors from the company. The boom in artificial intelligence has led to a growing shortage of specialized GPUs, most of which are manufactured by Nvidia. Microsoft and AMD aren’t the only companies trying to develop AI chips in-house. Google has also used the TPU (tensor processing unit) chip to train artificial intelligence models, and Amazon similarly uses Trainium artificial intelligence chips to train computer models and machine learning.

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