Microsoft is targeting the Chrome OS market with its web-based version of Windows 12

According to Windows LiteMicrosoft is developing a special edition of Windows 12 that focuses on web-centric experiences, primarily to challenge Chrome OS in the education operating system market. The web-based version of Windows will not be made to replace the traditional version of this operating system, but it is supposed to play a complementary role.

A few years ago, Microsoft was said to be working on an entirely new operating system called Windows 10X to compete directly with Chrome OS, but that OS never became available and development was canceled. Apparently, the Redmond giant has decided to re-pursue the goals it set for Windows 10X through a special edition of Windows 12.

The web-based version of Windows 12 will have a modular design and will be developed for low-power devices that are specifically for use in universities and schools. According to informed sources, Microsoft has formed a special group called “Windows and Web Experience” to advance the project of the web-oriented version of Windows 12.

Contradictory rumors say that Windows 12 will be unveiled in 2024. Artificial intelligence is going to play a prominent role in this operating system. Probably, the Edge browser will also be equipped with more features based on artificial intelligence in Windows 12.

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