Microsoft is considering a device with three screens

When the Surface Duo was first introduced, some people jokingly said that Microsoft should now consider building a device with a single screen and call it the Surface Uno. Nevertheless, the jokes went in another direction and some people said why the company is not thinking of producing a new product with a triple display; A device that can be introduced as a Surface Trio. Now, a report has been published that reports that Microsoft itself has the same idea.

Windows Central reports a new patent filed December 23, 2021 (December 2) Patently Apple Observed, shows that Microsoft has ideas on how a smartphone with a triple screen will work. While the patent is very long and technical, it has a blueprint that can show what is on Microsoft’s mind.

Patent Surface Trio

The device (1400) has three display screens (1402, 1404 and 1408), all of which are connected by two hinges (1406 and 1410). So the Surface Trio is actually the Surface Duo that has an extra screen.

An analysis of why the Surface Trio can be an efficient device

In this section, we are going to explain why the Surface Trio may be called one of Microsoft’s top products and has one of the most efficient designs. One of the most talked about topics about the Surface Duo is the lack of an external display. While it can be folded so that both screens face outwards, most users do not; As a result, screens are not visible when the device is closed.

This makes it impossible for users to view the required information and various notifications when the device is closed. Such a problem makes the design of the Surface Trio seem logical; Because after closing such a device, one of the screens is placed outwards. Microsoft in Surface Duo has a feature called Glance Bar Introduced to help users see notifications. However, such a trait is not ideal for everyone; Because you can not with Glance Bar Had enough interaction.

In the new patent, the device is folded in such a way that the display of the number 1408 is always visible. In fact, after the Surface Trio closes, we see a smartphone with only one screen, and this design eliminates the need for an external screen. When the Surface Trio is fully open, the device is placed in the user’s hands with three screens, which may seem a little strange.

However, the designers have been thinking about this as well; Because you can easily place the 1404 and 1408 screens backwards so that only the 1402 and 1404 screens (with 1408 behind them) are visible. This type of screen placement may remind you of the Surface Duo. If you’ve watched the Westworld sci-fi series, you will be familiar with the Surface Trio design:

Surface Trio in the West World series

Taking a closer look at the published image, the 1402 screen looks (almost twice as thick) as the other two sections. This is logical; Because most of the important parts, including the battery and the camera can be in the 1402 section; While other screens (1404 and 1408) have only a few limited pieces and thin wiring. Ideally, when the 1404 and 1408 Surfaces are back to back, they will be 1402 thick to balance the device. Also, it should be noted that the Surface Trio hinges do not seem to be double-sided like the Duo.

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One of the most important questions about Surface Trio design is what each of the screens can do. For example, section 1402 can be expected to be used as a keyboard in various cases; But the other two screens are responsible for displaying the content. However, nothing is clear yet; Because such a design is not common and it remains to be seen what Microsoft has in mind for it.

Microsoft is still working on the idea of ​​multi-screen devices, which include smartphones and laptops. Anyone can potentially benefit from this design; But it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will take such a concept to the commercialization and market entry stage. Like many tech companies, only a handful of Microsoft patents are sold. Finally, it is true that the three screens may seem strange to smart devices, it is rumored that Samsung is moving in the same direction.

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