Microsoft FlowSpace Pod won the Best Design Award at Red Dot 2021

The Microsoft FlowSpace Pod won the Best Design Award at the 2021 Red Dot Event, according to an emailer. The Microsoft Office Envisioning Team recently developed a product called the FlowSpace Pod, which acts as a hybrid workplace, allowing employees to split their time between individual work and office work with colleagues.

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The goal of the Microsoft FlowSpace Pod is to provide employees with the opportunity to have a dedicated, individual workspace when needed on the corporate environment, in addition to maintaining physical communication with others, and to increase their focus on deep work. This attractive room has a modern and minimalist design and does not completely enclose the employee; But it is designed to show others when the user does not want to be disturbed and is doing important work that requires full focus.

The Microsoft FlowSpace is covered with a high-quality fabric and decorated with colorful LED backlight. This individual workspace has an ergonomic chair that is designed for work environments and its large touch screen rotates in different modes and can play the role of a large desk full of paper.

As the Covid 19 pandemic continues to decline and has no intention of retreating, returns to work and office are still being delayed. Therefore, the Microsoft FlowSpace Pod booth can also be considered for home use; Because it can separate the work environment from the living environment.

What do Zomit users think about a hybrid kiosk?

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