Microsoft Edge sends the list of visited websites to the Bing API service

Rivera In a conversation with Verge Comment: “Microsoft Edge now offers the ability to follow content creators and this feature is enabled by default. Microsoft’s goal seems to be to let Bing know when you’re on certain pages like TheVerge, YouTube, or Reddit. It seems that the feature is not working properly and almost all visited sites are being sent to Bing.”

Microsoft first introduced the feature to follow content creators in Edge last year, and then made it available to users across the board a month later. This feature allows you to always be informed of the latest content of your favorite channels on YouTube and across the web. If you disable this feature, your visited URLs will no longer be sent to

Caitlin RollestonMicrosoft’s communications director said in a statement: “We are aware of the user report and are investigating the issue and will take the necessary steps to address any issues.”

Microsoft has yet to explain why all URLs visited by users in the Edge browser are sent to Until the company has completed its investigation, it is recommended to disable the follow creators feature. For this purpose, first enter the Settings section and select the Services option in the Privacy, Search and Services tab. Now turn off Show suggestions to follow creators in Microsoft Edge.

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