Microsoft Designer’s generative AI tool has been made publicly available

Microsoft Designer’s AI tool helps people who are not familiar with Photoshop or even PowerPoint save time and money. Of course, some new features of this program are in experimental mode. Beyond that, Fill tool, background tool and AI eraser tool will also be added to the said program soon.

to report XDA, Microsoft has decided to offer Designer on the Edge browser so that you can access its functions more easily. You can create it directly by clicking on the Designer icon and typing a text description about the graphic design you want, without leaving the active web page on your browser.

Note that Designer is currently available as a free preview, but it does not have all the planned features, and Microsoft plans to add new features over time. The Redmond company will keep Designer as a free app, but after the public launch, premium features will be added for Microsoft 365 personal and enterprise subscribers. Of course, you’ll need a Microsoft account to try the extended preview version of Designer, and the preview version of Edge is now added to the browser’s sidebar.

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