Microsoft Copilot artificial intelligence was introduced; Create PowerPoint slides and Word files with one click

In an online event, Microsoft introduced a new system called Copilot for Microsoft 365 applications and software services, which is based on artificial intelligence. This system helps users to create documents, emails, PowerPoint files, etc. through artificial intelligence. Microsoft CoPilot helps you work with Microsoft 365 family applications like a virtual assistant.

Copilot appears in the side menu format in the Office series software and helps you write text, create PowerPoint files based on Word documents and use features such as PivotTables in Excel in a better way. Hours before Microsoft’s event, the details of the Copilot system were revealed.

Jared Spataro, head of the Microsoft 365 team, says: “CoPilot works with you and is embedded in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, etc. software that millions of people use on a daily basis.” According to Spataro, Copilot is a completely new way of working.

Microsoft 365 users can ask Copilot to provide information about the company’s next meeting and recent changes such as new hires. Copilot can be invoked in the software of the Office family. In Word software, Copilot can create a draft of your desired text based on other files. After the text is generated by AI, you can easily edit it.

Microsoft Copilot is basically a chatbot; In this way, you can ask Copilot to create a 10-slide PowerPoint file based on a Word document or analyze Excel data. Excel users can use CopyPilot to instantly create a SWOT or PivotTable. In Microsoft Teams, Copilot transcribes video meetings, tells you important points from earlier if you join the meeting late, and summarizes the details of work tasks announced in the meeting.

The head of the Microsoft 365 team clearly stated that CoPilot does not work perfectly all the time: “CoPilot will sometimes get things right, and other times it will make mistakes in a useful way.”

Microsoft has said that CopyPilot is also used in Outlook software. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you will spend less time deleting and replying to emails. Copilot can summarize email subjects and automatically compose the email response you receive. Copilot has options so you can change the tone or word count of the email.

Microsoft plans to make a feature called Business Chat available. This service will be compatible with all data and software of Microsoft 365. Business Chat uses the Microsoft Graph platform to bring together documents, PowerPoint files, emails, notes, and contacts within the Microsoft Teams messaging user interface. Microsoft’s AI then writes a digest of the files.

Microsoft has continued to invest in AI at a rapid pace since adding chatbots to its Bing search engine. Microsoft’s new event takes place while Google announced a few days ago that it will add artificial intelligence to the Workspace family of software, such as Gmail and Google Docs.

Microsoft says the Microsoft 365 Copilot service is currently being tested with 20 of the company’s customers and will be made more widely available in the coming months. Microsoft says it will announce pricing and more details about Microsoft 365 Copilot in the coming months.

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