Microsoft boss warns about China’s artificial intelligence progress

Brad Smiththe head of Microsoft, has said that research institutions and Chinese companies will be strong competitors for the service in the near future will generate ChatGPT. Microsoft is the largest investor in OpenAI is the company known as the creator of ChatGPT.

Smith believes that China in the competition Artificial intelligence is not working hard and is trying to become a big player in this field. According to Smith, OpenAI and Microsoft, along with Google and the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence, are at the forefront of chatbot development. Smith says the state of the generative AI market is “extremely competitive” and the gap between top organizations is roughly months, not years.

Generative artificial intelligence, the same technology used in ChatGPT, has the ability to generate text and images and can talk to you like a human. However, many people worry that their jobs will be taken over by this technology. Analysts are also concerned about the increase in misleading information and copyright infringement.

According to Nikkei AsiaBrad Smith says that the solution to these concerns is not to stop the development of artificial intelligence, but we should try to take advantage of the current products and improve them. Smith says that artificial intelligence, like other technologies, can be used as a weapon while becoming a useful tool. In his speech, he gave an example of artificial intelligence cyber attacks.

One of the biggest challenges facing Asia is the labor shortage. Smith says that artificial intelligence can solve the labor shortage problem.

According to Smith, working-age people need to support more retirees who depend on economic growth. In this regard, new sources for productivity growth should be found.

Smith says Microsoft is using artificial intelligence to identify and intercept new cyberattacks in real-time.

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