Meta wants to make artificial intelligence tools available to billions of users

Mark Zuckerberg In his recent meeting with Meta investors, he said: “Meta is a great opportunity to introduce tools.” “Artificial intelligence has billions of people.”

Zuckerberg It did not provide a detailed description of how to add generative AI to meta platforms. In the financial report of his company for the first quarter of this year, he mentioned the revenue of 28.6 billion dollars and the daily record of 2 billion active users. Thus, the company’s performance statistics exceeded Wall Street’s forecasts and achieved a profit of 5.7 billion dollars in the last quarter. Of course, this figure has decreased by 25% compared to Meta’s profitability in the same quarter last year.

Zuckerberg In another part of his explanation, he said: “We are investigating chat experiences in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and we plan to use new artificial intelligence-based tools to generate posts and ads on Facebook and We offer Instagram and in addition use the said technology to improve video calls. I expect that with the release of these tools, our customers’ interest in AI tools in business messaging will increase. This action over time Metaverse will also be done; Where people can easily create their desired avatars, objects, worlds and codes and share them with others or integrate them with their creations.

By shifting its focus to artificial intelligence, Meta is trying to prepare infrastructure to support features based on this technology, and this led to a multi-billion dollar cost to rebuild the company’s data centers in the last quarter. Zuckerberg He says: “Currently, we are not behind in the development of artificial intelligence infrastructure, and we will provide tools based on this technology in the coming months.”

to report VergeOpenAI with introduction ChatGPT has made generative AI the hot technology these days, and now Google, Meta, and other small companies like Snap are trying hard to keep up. Meta released its large language model, LLaMA, to researchers earlier this year, but has not yet publicly released a ChatGPT-like product.

Zuckerberg It has announced that productive artificial intelligence will be presented in the true sense of the word in all of its company’s products. He also explained how the technology could specifically accelerate WhatsApp’s fledgling customer support business. Meta’s CEO says, “Artificial intelligence tools can help increase the number of enterprise customers and provide support services to their customers.”

According to the announcement Zuckerberg, although Meta has now decided to shift its main focus to AI, it will not give up on the Metaverse. Meta’s CEO said in this regard: “That Meta has given up on Metaverse is absolutely not true and our next VR headset in the Quest series will be announced later this year as previously planned.”

Meta’s Virtual Reality Labs division posted a net loss of $4 billion last quarter, and the company expects operating losses in the Metaverse segment to increase further in 2023.

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