Meta shares fell $ 200 billion overnight

Shares of Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and MetaQuest (formerly Achilles), fell 25 points a day after it was announced that the number of daily active Facebook users had dropped for the first time in two consecutive seasons. Percent encountered. While each share of Meta shares was worth $ 323 until the end of trading hours on Wednesday, the price reached $ 238.90 the next day. Of course, after this event, the value of meta stocks grew slightly.

According to Varge, the 25 percent drop in Meta shares was equivalent to a $ 200 billion drop in the company’s stock value. The $ 200 billion drop in meta stocks could be the biggest overnight drop in a company’s market value, according to Bloomberg Media. This happened while Meta is trying to regain its popularity among the youth Mark ZuckerbergThe CEO has set ambitious goals for the company, centered on Metavars.

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Meta was not the only company to face a drop in stock value on Thursday this week. Surveys show the entire Nasdaq Stock Exchange (Nasdaq) fell nearly 2 percent as of noon on Thursday, US time. Shares of rival Meta companies, including Snap and Twitter, also traded lower yesterday.

SNAP (developer of SnapChat), listed on the New York Stock Exchange, saw its stock fall 20 percent just before 11 a.m. local time. Twitter, which is listed on the New York Mercantile Exchange, also saw its stock fall nearly 6 percent.

Despite the devaluation of Meta shares and other challenges mentioned at the recent financial conference, this large American company is worth about 671 billion dollars and in 2021 was able to make more than 40 billion dollars in profits.

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