Member of Tehran’s Nasr Organization: The continuation of internet restrictions makes all aspects of businesses insecure

Behnaz Arya, The head of the Afta Commission of Computer Trade Union Organization of Tehran province, in a conversation with public relations This organization expressed the challenges that will arise as a result of the continuation of the internet disruption and filtering. Arya considered technology to be an integral part of people’s daily life and livelihood, as well as large and small businesses and specialized activities, and explained the damage caused by the insecurity of the technology field as follows:

Technology without security in its various dimensions is meaningless. The collapse of the IT ecosystem and industry and going back is one of the most important concerns of today’s technological businesses and technology-based industries, and even individual members of the society. Undoubtedly, the continuation of the current conditions of insecurity in all dimensions of a business draws an uncertain and challenging future for both businesses and IT professionals.

The head of Afta Commission of Nasr Organization of Tehran believes that the continuation of the recent restrictions, in addition to drawing an uncertain and challenging future, also creates insecurity in all aspects of businesses and added:

Cutting off some of these accesses has challenged even the updating of security equipment and infrastructure defense shields, which were done in the most difficult ways during the sanctions, and this means more insecurity.

He believes that in the current situation, not only is there no support for knowledge-based production and businesses in the field of digital economy, but the activists in this field have faced basic and fundamental problems. Explaining this situation, he said: “When we hoped to support knowledge-based production and job creation and the flourishing of the digital economy, all technological businesses, instead of worrying about the production of knowledge and technology, have started to face the problems of easy access to knowledge and necessary platforms and tools.” »

He also pointed out the harm of using tools such as filter breakers for necessary accesses and stated: “Problems that inevitably sacrifice the confidentiality and integrity of information on the way to the necessary accesses, and with the widespread use of filter breakers, have and will not result in anything but insecurity.” had.»

The head of the Afta Commission of the Nasr Organization further pointed to the security incidents in recent days and weeks and attributed it to the vulnerability of organizations and the ineffectiveness of preventive measures against these incidents. He said in this regard:

Recent security incidents have shown that what is implemented in organizations as infrastructure security and necessary controls confirm the inefficiency of activities and the existence of many vulnerabilities. The events that showed that not only appropriate preventive measures have not been taken in the field of information security, necessary corrective measures are also not taken and there is still a possibility of such incidents happening again.

In addition to the issue of security in the field of technology, Behnaz Aria pointed out the lack of necessary infrastructure in the field of digital economy and considered it a factor for the ambiguity of the situation in this field: “In the situation that the digital economy plays a very prominent role in the economy of today and the future of the world. , we are facing its dark and unclear future in the country; Because in addition to the lack of necessary platforms, the unpredictability of the future of the digital economy in Iran is one of the main reasons for this ambiguity..»

He considered the existence of economic security, psychological security, job security and many other dimensions of security as essential for businesses and human resources and stated that without such factors, an economic enterprise, an entrepreneur, a private sector business cannot continue to exist. Pointing out that such factors do not exist in Iran’s digital economy, he stated:

A business faces many threats beyond the threats related to information security and risks that make it impossible to circulate the cycle of the digital economy of the country. Even the production of indigenous and self-reliant products is also possible in an open and healthy competitive environment and by building trust over time and with proper planning, support and investment.

Despite the importance of creating such an environment for businesses, Aria believes that there are no such facilities in the country’s digital economy despite the restrictions on the Internet. He said about the consequences and results of this situation: “Decisions and restrictions of the Internet from moment to moment without considering its consequences and the lack of expert consultation with stakeholders, guilds and organizations, severe economic fluctuations, closing the platforms through which thousands of small and large businesses in All corners of Iran have been carrying out commercial activities, the result will be nothing but the destruction of many businesses and the tsunami of migration of capable human resources..»

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