Member of Parliament: Under the pretext of the country’s conditions, parts of the protection plan were actually implemented

It seems that the plan known as the protection of cyberspace is not going to be removed from the parliament even though it is actually being implemented. After Mehrdad Viskarmi warned the parliament about the abandonment of the protection plan in the public meeting last Tuesday, there were again talks about the return of protection to the parliament.

Moinuddin Saeedi, who is one of the critics of the recent internet restrictions in the parliament, in an interview with Ilana Regarding the return of protection to the parliament, he said that this project is not on the agenda of the parliament for now: “One of the members of the joint commission, Mr. Weis Karmi, raised an issue and Mr. Qalibaf explained, based on the request of a large number of representatives, this issue was removed from the agenda and Article 85 is no longer going to be brought up in the working group. If it is a basis for continuing to follow up and review the plan, it should be in the form of the court itself, which is not on the agenda at the moment.”

He also said about the fact that the deputy speaker of the parliament informed about the review of this plan: “Mr. Masri said that we have had several expert meetings about the plan, but if it should be put on the agenda, I don’t think it is on the agenda, in addition to the fact that people are facing challenges and problems.” They have basic goods in the field of livelihood and basket. It is expected from the parliament to give its priority to the areas of livelihood, and I doubt that the protection plan will be put on the agenda again with the sensitivity that was raised earlier.”

But as the experience of internet users has shown in these months, Saeedi further said that the problem is that under the pretext of the country’s conditions, parts and parts of this plan have actually been implemented: “What is important is based on the ninth article of the constitution under no circumstances. People’s legitimate freedoms should not be limited even under the pretext of maintaining security and territorial integrity.

Saidi emphasized: “We expect that the platforms that were filtered will be opened when the conditions of the country have moved away from those inflammatory conditions of autumn.”

But it seems that this view has many opponents among the representatives. Those who continue to defend the blocking of people’s access despite the restrictions and severe filtering and have made dealing with projects related to cyberspace their priority.

Last Tuesday, when he was supposed to speak as an opponent of the financial plan of corruption whistleblowers, Viskarmi made a mistake, instead of pulling the leg of protection to the parliament again, and he did well. That’s why he reminded the parliament that it should The plan related to virtual space should be put on the agenda.

Abdolreza Masri, who chaired the meeting, told him, God willing, we will put a public meeting on the agenda and it will be done, but at the same time, he emphasized that many tasks are at the disposal of the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space, and it has done well, and we can see its results. .

Users have also seen the effects of the actions of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace during this period with all kinds of disruptions and filtering and outages. As Saeedi said, the conditions of the country gave an excuse to implement the protection plan. But it is not clear what other restrictions the concern of representatives like Viskarmi is going to add to these conditions.

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