Member of Nasr Tehran: Where is the country that wanted to be the first in the region in terms of intelligence, where does it stand now?

Roozbeh Babazadeh, in a conversation with the public relations of the computer trade union organization of Tehran province, talked about the problems of ICT activists due to the blocking of the Internet and announced the migration of startups in the Internet of Things field. According to him, two categories of these businesses had the most problems: “The category whose platform servers were abroad and the other category that represented foreign platforms or used foreign platforms, and this internet outage destroyed such businesses. »

Babazadeh explained about these problems:

In the first few days of the interruption of the cellular Internet (mobile Internet) in the evenings, Internet of Things businesses, especially in the areas of connected transportation and smart irrigation systems that used SIM cards for communication, were completely disrupted; Even the internal platforms were not functional due to the complete shutdown of the internet in the early days and these businesses suffered serious damage.

According to him, Internet of Things businesses are divided into several categories. Hardware producer or importer sets, software sets providing platform services and solution providing sets. IoT businesses work on a service delivery basis, meaning they have IoT platforms that provide platform services. Fleet management systems, smart agriculture systems, smart health systems, smart homes and various types of smart systems are part of these businesses that earn money based on the service provided. Also, some ICT companies represent foreign companies that provide platform services. The international internet outage disrupted the work of these companies:

Disruption in the work of these companies due to the contracts that they have committed before, in addition to being damaged, sometimes they have to compensate the damage caused to the customer. This compensation is not always material and they should also return the lost trust in the intelligentization systems.

During this time, the internet problems brought down the intelligence businesses

The head of the Internet of Things Commission also said about the irreparable damage that the companies and startups in the field of intelligence saw as a result of the internet outage. He also pointed out that it is mandatory for businesses to enter domestic platforms and said that the market is determined by the customer: “Given that businesses do not enter domestic platforms, it should be noted that the market is determined by the customer and the experience of the past years in the country has shown The market is not formed by order. For example, if you build the best arcade at the end of a dirt alley, there will be no customers. When a complex attracts and serves customers with a thousand efforts, when the internet is cut off, in addition to material damage to the complexes, the customer’s trust is completely lost, and in such a situation, how can the customer be re-attracted? How about directing it to the internal platform.”

According to Babazadeh, companies and start-ups active in the field of intelligence have made great efforts to encourage customers and businesses to use this new technology. In addition to the usual costs of a start-up industry, they have spent a lot to attract customers. But many of these services were disrupted these days and destroyed people’s trust: “Smart health equipment, smart homes, household appliances, and many services related to the Internet of Things are disrupted these days. In such a situation, trust is lost, and if the Internet conditions return to normal right now, trust will not return to its original state.” Despite the fact that this industry has been facing various problems in terms of hardware for years, the problems of the Internet also brought down the businesses that operate on the basis of intelligence software: “Startups and small companies do not have a large budget to withstand these kinds of problems. Startups are not like typical companies that spend tens of billions of dollars on a platform and use cheap foreign platforms to build their businesses..»

According to him, the internet outage destroys all the efforts of such startups and causes many companies and startups to migrate. On the other hand, countries like Dubai, UAE, Iraq and Turkey attract them and provide them with special services: “Now the government should say where the country that wanted to be the first in the region in terms of intelligence stands? Even these days, some companies from the Internet of Things Commission have migrated from Iran and have gone to the countries of Oman and UAE. “One of the companies in the field of transportation is immigrating to Iraq. The situation in Iraq is definitely better than in Iran.”

Due to stubbornness, they filtered the entire Google platform

In another part of this conversation, Babazadeh reacted to the government spokesperson’s words. Bahadri Jahormi said that the internet was not cut off and only two platforms, Instagram and WhatsApp, were filtered. Babazadeh emphasized that in addition to these two platforms, a number of others had already been filtered:

Do they not count? How long is the date of friends? Tell us so businesses can be prepared for the next business tsunami. Unfortunately, due to stubbornness to remove an application from the Android store, they filtered the entire Google platform, the sites through which programmers updated their tools were filtered. It should be noted that replacing platforms is not so simple and Iranian platforms are not as big as foreign platforms. Platforms such as Amazon and Microsoft Azure are among the most famous platforms of the Internet of Things, of which we do not have even one hundred examples in the country. Unfortunately, all of the world except Iran use popular platforms.

Babazadeh, pointing out that the problems in the field of intelligence are not few, considered the internet outage to be the last shot on the half-life body of this nascent industry. He pointed out the problems that have been passed since 2016 in the field of Internet of Things with very bad and non-expert laws to destroy the intelligent industry and said that these approvals are still ongoing. During this period, Nasr Tehran’s response regarding the law “Principles Governing the Internet of Things” to the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space was not paid attention to, and until today that resolution and other resolutions have faced many problems with the Internet of Things.

According to the head of the Internet of Things Commission, the computer trade union organization of Tehran province has held several meetings with various institutions in the past days and warned that they do not have the internal platform of stability and other basic requirements: “Unfortunately, during these events, monopoly was only created for some specific collections. It has happened and will happen, and they have not done anything principled and will not do anything.”

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