Member of Nasr Tehran: We are trying to draw the attention of the central bank to the problems in the IT field

The head of Fava Equipment and Commodity Supply Commission Nasr of Tehran said about Fava Equipment and Commodity Supply Commission’s actions in the field of currency needed by importers: “We do several things in parallel, one of these measures is to inform the society including the Central Bank, Ministry of Industry, Mining and trade and even the presidential institution is about the position of IT. This position is different from other goods, both in terms of the form of supply and the type of investment and other things.

He also mentioned the informal meetings with the officials and letter writers, which made the request to extend the March order registration for 70 days and many companies could receive their currency.

According to the public relations report Organization of computer trade union system of Tehran provinceShokrani announced the identification of a currency source abroad and said: “This currency source has special conditions. We negotiated with the Central Bank and the Ministry of Communications and resolved some issues. We hope that other remaining issues in this field will be resolved in the next few days and we will announce it publicly to the members of the computer trade union organization; So that from this direction and until the end of the year, we don’t have a problem with providing currency.”

According to him, despite the request of the Nasr organization, a specialized exchange for the IT field has not yet been designated because unfortunately the banks themselves are business owners and their priority is to allocate currency to their own businesses: “This issue has created problems for the private sector and no progress has been made in this field. . But the source of foreign currency that was mentioned, its access belongs to the central bank itself, and despite this, we no longer need an exchange and we have the bank as well. In this method, the central bank allocates currency to companies through a letter. “According to the form of our imports, this source almost covers the needs of 85 percent of importers.”

The head of Tehran’s Favai Nasr Equipment and Goods Supply Commission further said that many government institutions and organizations do not know much about the problems and issues of IT imports and this commission is trying to inform government institutions about the conditions and problems: “Unfortunately, Central Bank Considering the many problems involved in it, they have not paid much attention to this issue, but we are still trying to draw their attention to this issue.”

Shokrani further explained about the other program of this commission to supply imported currency for this area, that the proposal of the commission is to designate Payam Airport as a special economic zone for the ICT area: “We will have a lot of exports in the field of computer games in this space. In the areas related to cross-border electronic exports, we can have a good environment and we can use these sources of currency for foreign exchange. We will focus our activities on this program from the beginning of June, and serious measures are supposed to be taken and the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers will be taken for it.

According to him, all the details are ready. “One of our conditions is not to return the currency provided from this source to the government to be used elsewhere, but to use this currency for the ICT sector itself.”

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