MeganeX; A very lightweight virtual reality headset that looks like glasses

MeganeX The headset is a new virtual reality that is different from anything we have ever seen in the tech world. This is a very light headset that shifts (Shiftall, made in collaboration with Panasonic, resembles thick dual-focus glasses.

According to Shiftal, the MeganeX, which was introduced at CES 2022, is designed and manufactured with the Metaurus in mind. The company claims that Metavars users spend 2,000 hours a year in digital space; Therefore, it has decided to make a lightweight virtual reality headset to put less pressure on people.

According to Digital Trends, as a result of Shiftal’s efforts, a device with a truly unusual design was created that looks more like glasses than a standard VR headset. MeganeX Instead of having a strap for the head, it has handles that are placed on the user’s corners and slightly bent behind the head. The design of Shiftal’s new product is similar to that of binoculars.

Meganx Virtual Reality Headset

The total weight of the device without cable connection is approximately 250 grams. By comparison, Meta Quest 2 weighs approximately 503 grams; Of course, the MeganeX is not the lightest headset on the market, and the HTC Vive Flow Weighing in at 189 grams, it has earned the title.

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The specifications of the device are taken into account according to its size. MeganeX To micro display 1It is equipped with a 3-inch device that can play 5.2K 10-bit HDR images at a frequency of 120 Hz. Its processor is built using the Snapdragon XR1 platform and has the ability to track the inside of the head based on the camera based on 6DoF head position detection. This device also has built-in speakers and is compatible with SteamVR apps.

MeganeX is supposed to To be released in the spring of 2022; However, a definitive release date has not been announced. Not to mention that Shiftal expects the device to be cheaper than $ 900.

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