Meet the world’s dumbest AI chatbot

Steve Nasscreator of 2Dumb2Destroy says:

However, building a dumb AI still requires smart infrastructure. people and his friend Craig Sherwin, have developed 2Dumb2Destroy based on GPT-3 model of OpenAI company. These two researchers, in addition to forcing their artificial intelligence to learn humorous quotes from some movies, combined it with some other data such as confusing speeches. George W. Bush and other things have been taught.

Shervin In an interview with BuzzFeed, he said:

The team behind 2Dumb2Destroy says there have recently been concerns about artificial intelligence replacing some jobs. people And Shervin Ultimately, they decided to develop an artificial intelligence so stupid that it could never become a threat to replace humans or plagiarize other people’s work. These researchers say:

website Futurism To test the chatbot 2Dumb2Destroy asked this AI:

And 2Dumb2Destroy replied:

When asked if artificial intelligence could spell the end of humanity, chatbot 2Dumb2Destroy declared:

The 2Dumb2Destroy chatbot seems to be worth your time. Of course, the creators of this artificial intelligence say that you should not try to mislead this artificial intelligence like the new Bing with some strange questions.

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