Mediatek Marketing Manager: The balance of processor power and energy consumption is the key to victory

Mediatek, which only produced low-end mobile processors in the not-so-distant years, is now one of the prominent figures in the chip industry. In addition to smartphones, this Taiwanese company also designs chips for communication equipment and television and navigation systems. Mediatek Corporation Fabless is, which means that it does not have its own production line and leaves the task of producing its chips to companies like TSMC. MediaTek is currently the top manufacturer of mobile processors in terms of market share.

Finbar MoynihanMediatek Marketing Manager, in an interview with Android Authority He says that the Taiwanese company is living in an “exciting era” because it has managed to reach the top of the market with processors such as the Dimensity 9200. This is the second year in a row that MediaTek has made a flagship processor. At present, a wide variety of devices are equipped with MediaTek chips.

The first generation of MediaTek’s flagship processors was mostly welcomed in the Chinese market, but the Dimensity 9200 chip will be used in high-end phones that will be launched in global markets. Vivo X90 Pro is the first phone in the world that uses Dimensity 9200. Finbarr Moynihan says the Dimensity 9200 processor injects “amazing performance” into smartphones while maintaining low power consumption.

Mediatek’s marketing manager says that the company is always looking to produce chips that balance processing power and energy consumption. He says that MediaTek partially achieved this goal with the Dimensity 9000, and through the Dimensity 9200 was able to improve the balance of power and energy consumption. According to Moynihan, this year we will continue to see new devices that use the Dimensity 9000 processor. This year, Mediatech has planned for a stronger presence in global markets such as India and Europe.

Mediatech’s marketing director says that being in the US market has a series of difficulties, especially because the US market has been dominated by a few brands. In this regard, Mediatek needs more time to seriously enter the American market. Probably this year we will see a limited presence of Mediatek in the American market. According to Mediatek, Dimensity 9200 has no technical problem to be in the American market due to the support of 5G millimeter wave network.

MediaTek initially focused on the sub-6GHz version of the 5G network, but over time realized that it should also support the millimeter wave version. The marketing manager of this brand says that Mediatek is already preparing to support the 6G network. Mediatek is also active in the field of satellite communications. The new Motorola Defy phone uses Mediatek technology for satellite communication.

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MediaTek will not stop producing Helio series chips and 4G chips anytime soon. According to Moynihan, less than 50% of the phones released in 2022 were equipped with 5G network. In 2023, the share of these phones will reach about 55%. He says 4G is still a very important market for MediaTek.

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