Maybe Google will introduce Pixel 7 mini as the third member of its new generation of phones

According to recent rumors, it is possible that Google will introduce the third model of the Pixel 7 series. Now, a new report has been released that provides more details. to report NotebookCheckA review of Google’s source code for the Pixel 7 series shows that the company is likely to introduce two more phones codenamed Felix and Lynx.

Felix refers to the Pixel Fold foldable phone; A device that we expect to be launched next year. However, it seems that the second model will actually be the third version of the Pixel 7 series, which will be unveiled with smaller dimensions and a mini extension.

We should keep in mind that the Felix and Lynx brand names have not been officially confirmed yet. Also, in the past few months, there has not been much news about the Pixel 7 Mini. Checking the Google codes shows that Lynx will use two cameras with Sony IMX712 sensor, one of them is ultrawide and the other is a selfie camera.

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Lynx will also be equipped with BCM4389 WiFi/BT chip; A chip that has already been used in the Pixel 6. However, the most interesting feature of this device is its display panel. It seems that the Pixel 7 Mini will use panels from the S6E3FC3 family.

In comparison, Pixel 7, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6a also use the same type of panel. It is said that the screen of this product will be 1080p. As mentioned, the Lynx is expected to be the Pixel 7 Mini that could be launched as a replacement for the Pixel 7a.

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