Max Holding unveiled “Max Omid” investment company

Max Holding unveiled “Max Omid” investment company

According to Max’s official announcement, “Max Omid” company, under the CEO Ahmadreza Nakhjovani, will operate with a private equity approach. Max’s activities in the field of bold investment will also be carried out as before.

According to the senior managers of Max Investment Holding, what distinguishes the activity of “Max Omid” with an initial capital of 500 billion Tomans is the difference in strategies and private investment audiences. This form of investment is done in companies that, unlike startups, will have the opportunity for growth in the short term due to their history of activity and relative maturity with the right injection of capital. A topic that Tim Latif, the CEO of Max Holdings, interpreted as an injection of hope in the press conference yesterday and used the term “hopeful investment” to describe and redefine private investment.

Max and creating a new experience in the field of domestic investment

At the unveiling ceremony of the new company “Max Omid”, Tim Latif, referring to the activities of Max Holding in the field of venture investments for the past 4 years and the impressive path that this company has taken in its short period of activity, called this holding’s entry into the path of private investment as a new step. For the development and dynamism of businesses in all industries.

In this regard, he pointed to the successful experiences made in the world during the past years and the entry of major investors in the field of acquisition and capital injection into half-life businesses, and he considered it an important approach in Iran and emphasized that by examining all aspects and carefully evaluating, companies which have suitable growth potential will be observed. Also, the procedure is to buy management shares of companies with an investment horizon of 2 to 7 years. Finally, as soon as the company reaches sufficient maturity, the investor team will have an exit, which can be done in various common ways.

Referring to Max Omid’s initial capital of 500 billion tomans, he expressed hope that this company will be able to enter 8 to 10 companies applying for capital in the first phase of its activity after completing all the estimates. According to him, in the current state of the country’s economy, the financial issue is one of the major challenges for businesses in all industries, and Max Omid can be a value creator in financing companies in Iran’s inflated economy.

Max Omid unlimited investment in all industries

Following the unveiling meeting of Max Omid company, Ahmadreza Nakhjovani, the CEO of this company, expressed Max Omid’s future approaches and goals in the presence of media representatives. Nakhjavani, who studied economics and has 17 years of experience as CEO of Shuttle Company, while expressing his hope for the entry of Max Investment Company in the field of private financing funds, said: “Today, injecting hope through capital injection is one of the most important approaches that investors They can undertake big projects, and because of this, entering the field of private investment can create many promising points in the private sector of all industries.”

Pointing out that private investment in the world is not focused on a specific industry, Nakhjavani said that companies from all industries can be included in Max Omid’s portfolio. He also informed about the welcome and announcement of the needs of the companies in the short period of the announcement of the presence of Max Omid company and expressed his hope that with the high potentials that exist in Max and Max Omid in the direction of synergy of management and investment knowledge, it will be possible to create value for private investment in the country of Omid. had

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