Massive DDoS attacks slowed down Zomit’s website

Following the widespread DDoS attacks that targeted 1402 Zomit websites at noon today, May 5, this website was unavailable for a short period of time and its access speed became extremely slow.

In this attack, which started at around 12:00 noon and caused an unexpected amount of traffic to Zomit’s website, 466,782 cases were detected by the cloudflare service, of which 250,657 were HTTP DDoS cases.

The IP of the countries that participated in this attack were mostly from East Asia. More precisely, 30,751 requests from Russia, 22,867 requests from the United States, 18,527 requests from South Korea, 18,303 requests from Indonesia, and 17,812 requests from China were sent to the Zomit server.

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