MacBook Ultra; Apple’s concept laptop with iPhone’s dynamic island was seen in unofficial renderings

With the unveiling of the iPhone 10 in 2017, Apple turned the notch into a symbolic feature in the design of the iPhone, and years later we saw the use of this type of design in the MacBook. Now that the new Pro generation iPhones have been introduced with a capsule hole called Dynamic Island, it is not unlikely that we will see a MacBook in the future that hosts a capsule hole on top of its screen.

Macbook equipped with capsule cavity dynamic island gray concept

A tasteful designer Before Apple got down to business and released conceptual renderings of the MacBook Ultra. In the renderings, we see a laptop that has a premium design like other Apple MacBooks, however, thanks to the use of a capsule cavity, it is equipped with small bezels around the display.

In the corner of the MacBook Ultra laptop keyboard, we can see the key integrated with the fingerprint sensor, and the touch bar can be seen above the keyboard. The MacBook Ultra is pictured in gold, gray and silver colors. Apple is used to using these colors in its laptops.

Macbook equipped with Golden Concept Dynamic Island capsule cavity

At the time of unveiling the new generation of iPhones, Apple said that in the Pro models, the proximity sensor has been moved under the screen and other sensors have been placed at a closer distance to remove the screen notch and replace it with a capsule cavity. Dynamic Island on iPhone has a special compatibility with iOS and it is very enjoyable to work with it. The MacBook doesn’t have a touchscreen, so we don’t yet know how the software will integrate with the Dynamic Island on this concept laptop.

Macbook equipped with dynamic island capsule cavity, silver concept

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