Macbook Pro M3 autopsy, Apple’s new flagship [تماشا کنید]

iFixit has shared a video of the 14-inch MacBook Pro M3 and M3 Pro to give us a closer look at the construction of these laptops. The internal design of the new MacBooks has remained almost unchanged compared to the previous models of this product.

iFixit blog post It explains how Apple achieved a darker black color for the M3-powered MacBook Pro, which makes the device’s surface rougher on a microscopic scale and, as a result, reflects more light.

iFixit says that by increasing the roughness of the surface of the new MacBook Pro’s body, Apple increases the incoming light rays and spreads them in more directions. This means that less white light hits the user’s eyes and finally, the black color of the laptop looks deeper.

The price of the 14-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,599 for the base configuration with an M3 processor and 8GB of RAM, and $1,999 for the M3 Pro configuration. The price of the 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop starts at $2,499

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