MacBook Pro M1 Max review

Summary and comparison of 14-inch MacBook Pro with competitors

We consider the 14-inch MacBook Pro to be a complete package that cannot be found among current Windows laptops even without considering the price tag; Devices that are either compact, well-built, and not very efficient, or offer powerful hardware inside a thick device with disappointing charging.

The 14-inch and naturally 16-inch MacBook Pro offers us everything we expect from a laptop: an extremely high-quality and well-made body, a very bright and high-precision display, an efficient keyboard and trackpad, excellent speakers with a loud and powerful sound, excellent charging. And finally, hardware that delivers stunning performance for a number of professional uses, under all conditions.

Note the phrase “a number of professional users”; The combination of accurate display and Apple hardware accelerators make MacBook Pro a dream device for editors and graphic designers, and the combination of macOS Unix-based file system, large RAM, powerful processor and efficient laptop keyboard allows programmers to code for hours and at high speed. compile the

Naturally, professional applications are not limited to editing or programming; A huge number of engineering software are not developed for macOS at all, and since there is no mention of BootCamp and the possibility of Dual Boot with Windows, these software can only be run with a virtual machine and an x86 emulator.

Using a multi-layer emulator makes the performance of the software not at the level of native Windows experience; No professional engineer will be willing to spend more than 100 million tomans on a laptop and run his software in the form of a virtual machine.

On the other hand, we have gamers; The catalog of available games for Mac is not at all comparable to the world of Windows; Although, thanks to the new METAL update, a number of games including Resident Evil Village and No Man’s Sky have entered the world of macOS; But buying an expensive laptop to play a few limited titles while holding on to the promise that Apple has made for the future of gaming on its platform is not a reasonable thing at all.

What is your opinion about MacBook Pro M1 Max? Do you consider it an ideal laptop? Can this laptop meet your specific needs?

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Pros of MacBook Pro M1 Max

  • Excellent performance
  • Modern design and very well made
  • Same operation with or without power connection
  • Very bright and accurate miniLED display
  • Very efficient speakers with excellent and rich sound
  • Return HDMI port, SD card slot and MagSafe

Negative points of MacBook Pro M1 Max

  • Unsuitable for some professional users
  • Very high price

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