Lyon Computer’s new visual identity unveiled

The opening speaker of the ceremony, Ali Sadr al-Dini, Lyon Computer’s public relations manager, said that they had decided to change many of their procedures to make progress in all areas, including content production, referring to the celebration of Lyon Computer’s 17th birthday. He said:

In today’s world, both our customers and our competitors are becoming smarter day by day. It is true that we are in a good place, but there is always the thought of seeking the best.

Ali Sadr al-Dini, Public Relations Manager of Lyon Computer

“Our audience is always looking to present something distinctive and admirable from this collection,” said LyonComputer, the public relations manager, expressing the level of expectations of the audience from an 18-year-old businessman. Sadr al-Dini added: “The change of visual identity of Lyon Computer after 17 years has been due to several meetings that we have designed within the Lyon Computer complex on the one hand and with different teams on the other, and we finally came to the conclusion that we should have a basic skinning.”

Saeed Hosseini CEO of Lyon Computer

Saeed Hosseini, CEO and founder of Lyon Computer, was the second speaker after Sadr al-Dini. At the beginning of his speech, he points out that we always use different clichés to talk about business, and asks the audience, “Would you like to talk about clichés again or talk about reality?” And preferring to know the truth of everything is the answer that the guests of this ceremony give to this question of the CEO of Lyon Computer.

Hosseini said about how he started his work: I entered the computer market in 1997 and started my tortuous path from this time. He said:

At the beginning of the journey, balancing costs and revenues had become a difficult task, and at that time I managed the Lyon Computer site alone and delivered the customer orders to them, and after a long time, I hired the first person in the Lyon Computer collection. I did. All these pressures and difficult situations raised this question in my mind; How do I get rid of this situation? And in answer to this question, we use computer forums and forums to attract customers.

Hosseini stated that at present, everything from assembly to marketing and content production is 100% done by the Lyon Computer team and he himself does not interfere in any of the work. These include media affiliated with Lyon Computer.

The CEO of Lyon Computer spoke about entering the field of production and announced the entry into the field of production globally and said: Now the next step for Lyon Computer is to produce products and hardware components. These products are to be produced for export and have a world-class quality.

Conversation panel at the unveiling of the new Lyon PC logo

Mohammad Zarrin, a strategy expert, was another speaker at the event. “Everywhere we talk about computer-centric technology, the name Lyon Computer should be the first choice in the minds of the audience,” he said. They are kind of crazy about computers, people who care about the speed, fluency and high quality of the computer, people who care about being up-to-date in hardware and software and keeping up with the technology of the world.

New Lyon PC logo

Mohammad Zarrin continued: “Our goal is to bring the Lyon computer together and create safe and enjoyable moments in the lives of people whose technology is very important in their lives and work.”

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