Live coverage of Apple’s iPhone 14 unveiling event [چهارشنبه ۱۶ شهریور، ساعت ۲۱]

There is only one week left until the ceaseless iPhone 14 rumor train subsides; Cupertino residents will finally introduce their newest smartphones on the 16th of September in an event called Far Out. It is expected that the iPhone 14 will be unveiled in four versions with the models iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, and thus Apple will abandon the idea of ​​the iPhone Mini after two years. Apple is expected to unveil Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch Pro and the next generation of AirPods Pro along with the iPhone.

Ronix Supporter of Zomit in Far out event is Apple.

As usual, Zoomit will cover the iPhone 14 launch event live and will inform you, dear users, about the events and news of the Apple event moment by moment through its website and pages on social networks. Zoomit live coverage sponsored by the company Ronix Will be held. Due to the cooperation of Zomit and Ronix, three iPhone SE 2022 devices and three Ronix home car washes will be given away to Zomit audience.

Terms of participation in the lottery

The awards for the live coverage of Apple’s Far Out event will be awarded as follows between site users and Zoomit’s Instagram audience:

Live Instagram coverage of Far out event; Prize: An iPhone SE device

  • During the event, the comments section of Instagram Live will be closed
  • During the live coverage, a question will be asked by Zomit
  • At the end of the event, the comments section will be opened with a previous announcement
  • The first person to register the correct answer to the question will win a 2022 iPhone SE device

Instagram post live coverage of Far out event; Prize: an iPhone SE and a home car wash

  • Far out event live coverage postIt will be published on Zomit’s Instagram page on Saturday, September 12.
  • Those interested in participating in the lottery should visit the pages Zoomit And Ronix follow
  • In the next step, they should mention at least two other people in the form of two separate views under the live coverage post by 20:30 on Wednesday 16 September.
  • Mentioned people should also follow Zomit and Ronix pages.
  • In the draw of the live coverage post, the selected user will be awarded an iPhone SE 2022 and the mentioned person will be awarded a home car wash.

Website post for live coverage of the Far out event; Prize: an iPhone SE and two home car washes

  • Three prizes have been prepared for Zomit website users, including an iPhone SE 2022 and two home car washes.
  • The draw will be made between users who have registered a comment under the website post for live coverage (upcoming post) within five days, from Saturday to Wednesday (22:30). Each user with any number of comments will participate in the lottery once. So please avoid posting multiple comments.
  • People will participate in the lottery that in their profile Valid phone number have entered This phone number will only be used to contact the winner, and in the new version of the software, you can also log in to the site with this phone number. This contact number will not be used for advertising.
  • The first winner will be awarded an iPhone SE 2022 and each of the second and third winners will be awarded a Ronix home car wash.

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