Live broadcast of the James Webb Space Telescope Launch [ساعت ۱۵:۵۰]

NASA’s next-generation telescope is now on the launch pad after more than two decades of construction and nearly $ 10 billion. The James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled to leave Earth for deep space on Saturday, January 25, during a 32-minute launch window that opens at 15:50 Iranian time. This massive observatory will be launched over the Arian 5 missile from Coro in French Guiana. You, the audience of Zomit, can watch the live broadcast of the launch on this page from 15:00 Iranian time.

Arian 5 and the James Telescope above it left the final assembly facility at the Guyana space base on Thursday at 19:30 Iranian time and reached the launch pad at 21:30. Now, if all goes well, the rocket will travel into space in a few hours.

James Webb is a project managed by NASA with the participation of European and Canadian space agencies. The telescope is folded to fit inside the rocket, so it will spend the first month in space in a complex and daunting process after opening. James Webb will be advancing to his final destination 1.5 million kilometers from Earth as it opens.

Scientists hope to launch a telescope to observe the solar system and distant galaxies by mid-2022. James Webb is designed to observe the sky in infrared light; A feature that will help scientists study the beginning of the universe.

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The James Webb Space Telescope is one of the most anticipated space projects in history and has taken a steep path to reach the launch pad. The telescope was originally scheduled to be launched in 2007; But over the years, it has faced countless delays and increased costs.

In 2018, the telescope was scheduled to be launched in March 2021; But the aftermath of Quaid’s cosmopolitanism postponed 19 flights of the world’s most powerful space telescope to autumn. Technical problems and concerns about the weather were also among the factors that delayed the launch of the James Webb several times in recent weeks; But now it seems that the promised moment has finally come.

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