Live broadcast of Iranian and world sports competitions for Lens users

According to Irancell Public Relations, Iran’s Premier Football League, prestigious European football leagues, Volleyball League of Nations, etc. are among the sports programs that are broadcasted live on Lens. Also, the summary of live games and results of Iranian and world football matches are also available to fans through Lens Internet TV. Also, Lenz users can watch new movies and series, dubbed animations and many other programs without the need to buy a subscription and with a half-price internet tariff on Lenz.

Irancell’s public relations also mentioned the special summer festival of 1401 of this Internet TV, in which 1401 Lens users who spend the most time watching the program in this application will be given a 2 GB internet package. Also, the user with the highest number of watch hours per month on Lens will win a Samsung Galaxy A32 smartphone device.

The Lens application is Irancell Internet TV that users can download free of charge and access a selection of Iranian and foreign films and series, live television programs, live broadcasts of sports matches (live football broadcasts, live broadcasts of Channel 3, etc.), podcasts, books access audio, music and new albums, etc. on the mobile phone or at home on the TV.

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