Linux kernel version 6.3 has been released with security improvements, increased speed and new features

Linus Torvalds the creator Linux wrote in the notes about the release of the 6.3 kernel version of this operating system: “This time, according to previous plans, we released the 6.3 version of the Linux kernel with optimization for ARM processors.”

While the release of a new version of the Linux kernel is very happy for the community of fans of this operating system, Torvalds It warns that you may still encounter challenges while using it. Of course, this warning does not mean that there is really a problem in the 6.3 version of the Linux kernel, and on the other hand, we should mention that the control of its release cycle has progressed well.

Although the 6.3 version of the Linux kernel as Previous updates that brought support for Rust and Apple’s M1 chips didn’t sound as exciting, but still brought new features to users.

Rust is one of the most popular programming languages ​​for optimal memory management, and the new Linux kernel comes with support for this language in user mode.

Miguel Ojedaone of the Linux kernel developers who managed the addition of Rust support to Linux, says: “The addition of Rust means we’re close to the point where the first modules for this language are available to be released.”

Other features of Linux kernel version 6.3 include support and activation of Intel and AMD processors and graphics hardware. In addition to hardware optimization, this change directly affects the improvement of user experience.

written by ZDNetthe new Linux kernel is now improved in terms of security, making it a bit safer and faster to run on older AMD processors.

Linux 6.3 also comes with new power management drivers for ARM and RISC-V architectures. This update supports AES-SHA2-based encryption for NFS, thereby improving the performance of EXT4 direct input and output. Other features of this update include the faster Brtfs file system driver.

Linux 6.3 is also compatible with a wider range of Wi-Fi chips, including the Realtek RTL8188EU Wi-Fi adapter, the Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 wireless chip, and Ethernet for Nvidia’s BlueField 3 DPU. In addition, the ability to handle mixed multipath TCP flows with IPv4 and IPv6 is provided in this new update for users dealing with complex networks.

Currently, to use Linux 6.3, you must compile the kernel of this operating system yourself. The latest version of the Linux kernel via Available.

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