LinkedIn’s new AI makes it easier to create engaging profiles

Business people are very interested in the LinkedIn social network, in addition to connecting with more people, they can try their luck to be in better companies. According to ZDNetLinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, hosts a tool New artificial intelligence. This tool is based on the company’s GPT language model It is OpenAI.

LinkedIn’s new artificial intelligence assistant allows users to write attractive texts for the About and Headline sections of their profiles. These two sections are very important in LinkedIn profiles and writing attractive text for them is not an easy task.

After the text is written by artificial intelligence, the user can edit it according to his taste. LinkedIn says “personalization is still important” and that’s why users should be sure to edit the text written by artificial intelligence in their own style.

The new LinkedIn feature is only available to those who purchase the LinkedIn Premium service at a monthly price of $40. LinkedIn’s AI assistant will initially be offered as a test to a small group of users, and will be available to all subscription users in the coming months.

LinkedIn is also working on an AI-based job description tool. Thanks to this tool, employers can write better job descriptions and attract more talented people to their company. The user just needs to give the main information related to the job to the artificial intelligence of LinkedIn to deliver an attractive text.

Microsoft icon last week Added Bing to Edge browser. This icon allows users to use artificial intelligence capabilities after entering web pages (including LinkedIn). If you log into LinkedIn with the Edge browser, you will have access to a series of artificial intelligence tools for writing the text of posts.

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