LinkedIn will host clubhouse-style audio events

LinkedIn has been working since March 2021 to add a new feature to its platform in the style of a clubhouse. This feature will finally be available in January 2022, allowing users to create live chat rooms. کردن. Video versions of these rooms will also be available in the spring of 1400, and LinkedIn has no plans to offer tickets to these events at this time.

According to Engadget, LinkedIn said about adding the ability to hold audio events to its platform:

This feature will allow users to host virtual roundtables, friendly and informal conversations, and a variety of voice sessions. Hosts can manage discussions, and participants can discuss with each other during and after events. Events will be run based on LinkedIn internal tools.

For starters, LinkedIn hopes that content creators with career development topics will host these events, and that LinkedIn will continue to be the target community for larger events.

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The Covid 19 pandemic made the Clubhouse very popular at the time of its launch; Because people at that time were looking for a way to communicate remotely with each other.

After Clubhouse, large technology companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Discord launched their own versions of live audio rooms. Although LinkedIn joined the movement a little late, building this capability can still be successful in the long run.

What do you think about the ability to host a live audio event on LinkedIn? How do you evaluate this feature in Clubhouse?

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