LG unveiled its 2023 home, entertainment and office products in the Middle East

LG is bringing its latest OLED TVs, including Evo series TVs with 70% higher brightness, 8K OLED TVs, as well as OLED M TVs with fully wireless connection technology, to the Middle East region.

The OLED M TV, which LG calls the world’s first wireless TV, enables the transmission of 4K content at a rate of 120 Hz wirelessly, so that the user can design the living room of his home without restrictions.

LG’s OLED evo series TVs are equipped with the sixth generation α9 processor with artificial intelligence support. With the help of artificial intelligence, this processor improves the quality of images input to the TV and then broadcasts them.

LG has started manufacturing its products in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

LG is also bringing its Cinebeam 4K laser projector to the Middle East. Koreans intend to bring a different entertainment experience to homes with this projector. From a distance of 6.5 cm from the wall, this projector projects clear and amazing images in the size of 90 inches and at a distance of 3.18 cm from the wall, it provides images with dimensions of 120 inches.

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