LG patents laptop with multiple touch pads on both sides of keyboard

A new patent for an LG laptop has been published on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) portal, according to Gizmochana. It appears that the LG patent was filed on June 8, 2020, which WIPO issued on December 24, 2021.

The LG patent was first introduced by MySmartPrice, which represents a concept laptop with multiple displays. The concept laptop keyboard is significantly smaller than the current standard laptops. However, there are two screens on either side of the keyboard.

Patent Laptop LG

Touchpads on both sides of the keyboard are versatile; The one on the right can act as a trackpad and NumPad, while the one on the left can be used for various controls such as brightness and volume adjustment and many more. The performance of these touchpads is expected Customizable Which offers high potential for productivity.

Interestingly, there is a lot of space left from the base of the laptop at the top of the keyboard. LG can use this section in a variety of ways, including the integration of powerful speakers or a large secondary display with stylus support for artists and designers.

Laptop Laptop patent with sloping bottom hinge

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The patents show that the LG laptop in question has a hinge with a design similar to the Asus ErgoLift hinge. This type of hinge allows the slope created on the underside of the chassis to be spatial when you open the laptop. Suitable for air conditioning. Cooling this way indicates that the laptop is likely to use powerful hardware. Because design patents have just been released, it is difficult to estimate the laptop release schedule.

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