LG has prepared two attractive old curved concept displays for CES 2022

With just a few weeks left until the start of CES 2022, this has not left LG Display waiting, and the company has unveiled some of its products a little earlier. This year, the company will present two new concept designs based on flexible old technology. Media Chair and Virtual Ride are two new LG Display products, both of which are based on flexible old technology. These two monitors have been commercially available to the company’s customers for some time. The main purpose of producing these displays is that LG intends to show what new markets may be created around the company’s latest panels.

According to Android Authority, the media you see in the picture above is a great complement to home theater. LG Display points out that this old TV with a curved radius of 1500R is set at the optimum viewing distance and will move by moving the seat. In addition, the orientation of the TV can be changed individually. Users can change the screen view between landscape and portrait mode with the push of a button. This product also uses a cinematic sound system.

According to LG Display, one of the applications of this display is in the VIP lounges of the airport. LG is also working with a South Korean manufacturer of massage chairs to produce the old display as a commercial chair-equipped product. Thus, in the not-too-distant future, we will probably see the presence of this technology in the real world.

LG Virtual Rider

The second and perhaps most important LG Diesel product is Virtual Ride, which you can see in the image above. This product includes three 55-inch flexible old panels. The center panel has the most curvature and at the same time its image quality is the same as other panels. With a stationary bike and this new display, you can exercise indoors and feel like a cyclist outdoors. This conceptual design displays various information while doing sports on the top display. Of course, the price of such products will be very high.

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These concepts are related to LG virtual reality and augmented reality technology, more details of which will probably be available at CES 2022. What do you think about LG’s conceptual ideas?

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