LG DualUp display with 16:18 aspect ratio was introduced

Before the CES event, LG unveiled two new professional displays, one of which provides users with a very unique image ratio. The LG DualUp Monitor is a display with a resolution of 2650 x 2880 and an aspect ratio of 16:18, which aims to improve simultaneous performance and more creativity.

LG has called this display Square Double QHD; This is because when using the large square panel, it looks like two 21.5-inch screens are stacked on top of each other. According to digitaltrends, the brightness of the new LG Vertical Monitor is 300 nits and its contrast is 1000: 1 and it supports HDR10.

The LG DualUp is a great option for users who use multiple screens for their work; Because using two screens side by side and turning the head to do things, can cause pain and discomfort in the neck. This ergonomic display also takes up less space and comes with the LG Ergo stand so it can be attached to any type of desk.

LG DualUp display helps reduce neck pain by reducing side-to-side head movements

The new LG display is introduced with the model number 28MQ780 and covers 98% of the DCI-P3 color space, and in fact it is a 27.6-inch display with 300 nits of light intensity and 1000: 1 contrast. This product supports HDR10 and uses a USB-C port to transmit 96 watts of power.

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DulaUp is equipped with 7-watt dual stereo speakers and has a borderless design that gives it a modern look. Details about the price and availability of this display have not been revealed yet, and LG will unveil it at CES this year.

Another display that comes with DualUp is a model of LG’s 32-inch UltraFine display, which for the first time uses Nano IPS Black panel technology and can display colors naturally with a maximum brightness of 400 nits and a 2000: 1 contrast.

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