Lenovo’s Smart Paper tablet is a $400 answer to the Kindle Scribe

In addition, Smart Paper offers dozens of templates such as blank pages, lined paper, and musical manuscripts, and thanks to the dual microphones, simultaneously with the user’s notes, it also records conversations in meetings or lectures, and provides the possibility of synchronizing this audio file with notes; This means that you can select a part of the text and hear the sound corresponding to that part.

Smart Paper can convert your handwriting into text and show you related texts by searching for keywords; You can delete or reorganize notes, put them in different folders, and access millions of e-books.

Even if you leave this tablet at home, you can access all your files thanks to the Smart Paper mobile application and a computer that supports cloud synchronization, and it can also translate text and recorded sounds into other languages. .

The Smart Paper appears to be Lenovo’s answer to last year’s Amazon Kindle tablet, the Scribe, but how the two products compare in practice remains to be seen. Currently, we only know that the price of the new Lenovo tablet will be $400 and $60 more expensive than the Scribe.

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