Lenovo’s new ThinkVision monitors were introduced in various models for different needs

Lenovo’s new ThinkVision series MiniLED displays are available in 27 and 31.5 inches. These monitors support HDR10 and HLG technology and will be launched with the DisplayHDR1000 certificate. The maximum brightness level of these products reaches 1200 nits and Lenovo has designed them with a focus on professional and creative users. These displays support DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB7 color gamut to enable editing of images and videos with higher accuracy.

Lenovo’s new ThinkVision MiniLED monitors use ThinkColour software. This application allows easy color configuration and management of display settings with a user-friendly environment and easy method. Other features of these products include light detection sensors that can adjust the screen brightness based on the ambient light.

ThinkVision Mini LED monitors support USB 4 connectivity, and their built-in operating system enables connectivity with USB-C or Thunderbolt-compatible laptops, smartphones, and tablets. These ports offer the possibility of data transfer up to 40 gigabits per second through a USB 4 cable. Other features of the output ports of these displays include 15-watt output for smartphones and 140-watt output for other devices such as laptops. ThinkVision’s new MiniLED displays provide users with various ports such as three USB C, four USB A, two HDMI 2.1 and Ethernet.

The new Lenovo ThinkVision MiniLED screens use an environmentally friendly design, and in fact, their body material is up to 90% recycled aluminum. The base of these products is made up of 95% and their back frame up to 85% of recycled materials.

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