Lenovo’s new Legion laptops improve the gaming experience with an artificial intelligence chip

Gigabyte has been using artificial intelligence in Aero series laptops for years with the help of Microsoft’s Azure cloud service and claims that the performance of these laptops has been increased in an intelligent way; However, the results of the benchmarks show little changes. However, Lenovo’s 16-inch Legion gaming laptops at CES 2023 were introducedare the first laptops with a dedicated artificial intelligence chip that uses machine learning “to optimize system performance.”

The four Legion gaming laptop models that use this chip include Legion Pro 7, Legion Pro 5i, Legion Pro 5 and Legion Pro 7i, and the letter i in these models indicates the use of an Intel processor. According to Lenovo, the artificial chip used in these laptops can dynamically adjust the frame rate, increase the maximum temperature threshold and improve the overall performance of the system when playing games. These laptops also come with Tobii Horizon head tracking software to further immerse gamers in the gaming experience.

To prove Lenovo’s claim about the effect of the artificial intelligence chip on system performance, we have to wait until the laptops are reviewed; But in any case, the 2023 Legion series offers buyers a variety of options. All four models use a 16-inch IPS display with a resolution of 2560 x 1400 and a maximum refresh rate of 240 Hz. According to Lenovo, using the FN-R key combination when you’re not gaming will reduce the display’s refresh rate to 60Hz to extend battery life.

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